The man who left the earth (2016)

Embroidery in celebration of David Bowie.
Featured in the exhibition "Celebration" (in Sweden, Holland and England).

Techniques embroidery and foil print.

Size 53x44cm

The inspiration to the project came at the death of my biggest inspiration in life, David Bowie. He has inspired me since I was in my teens, not only with his music but also as a person. Always renewing himself and trying all sorts of new things, Bowie did what he felt like doing and didn’t let anyone tell him not to. Some day I was going to meet him and thank him however small that chance might have been, now it’s impossible.
But instead of feeling sad of his death I decided to celebrate him, like they do at the very exiting and good-looking Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, and let him live on and continue to inspire me in all I do.